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About Us

Kingsland Foods

Queens, NY Facility   纽约市皇后区基地


NJ Facility   新泽西州基地

Our Corporate

Welcome to Kingsland Foods, a New York Based brand with rich traditions. Founded in 2000 and through strategic organic growth over 20 years, we believe that our purpose is to improve people's lives and equip our neighbors with the tools needed to provide exceptional customer experiences. As one of the largest industrial distributors in Asian community of New York City, we enable our customers' success by consistently delivering what they need, where and when they need it. 

We distribute a full line of nutritious, high-quality meat products and a wide variety of wholesome non-food products to all food distributors, supermarkets, restaurants in tristate area. With 100,000 SF of business space, one food processing plant, two distribution centers spread across East Coast, we provide an expansive offering of diversified platform including chicken, pork, beef, lamb & goat, game birds, processed meat, seafood, soy products and consumer ready protein offerings, etc.– all at competitive prices. And people can see why our customers continue to trust Kingsland Foods as their first choice supplier for daily needs. 

We are headquartered in Maspeth, New York City. This hub location in NYC keeps us close to various types of customers. Our national footprint is combined with a regional structure that proffers local customers our value-add services, localized worksite delivery, will-call and direct-ship options, diversified logistics and innovative solutions.

Our Team

Providing world-class customer service is a cultural belief that is demonstrated every day through our expansive product selection backed by our knowledgeable associates. Our diverse team of knowledgeable, experienced associates that provide expert advice and a range of products and services. With a winning attitude, our team strives to better understand our customers' businesses so we can achieve operational efficiency and competitive greatness individually, by team and as one.

Our Core Value

As a leader in the minority owned businesses, Kingsland Foods is dedicated to being a responsible global corporate citizen. Our mission is to provide this Great New York area with the nutritious, safe, and affordable food it requires in a sustainable manner that respects natural resources and secures a continuous, prosperous course for future generations. We are now working diligently to foster a culture in which integrity, respect, innovation, teamwork, service and performance are at the core of Kingsland Foods' entire operation.


Market position:

      • One of largest NYC distributor of Meat, Groceries and General Line among Asian communities.

      • One of top 10 Minority Owned and Operated Businesses in New York City.

Distributors of:
      • meat products
      • seafood products
      • processed meat
      • Soy products

      • wholesome non-food products







      • 美东亚裔社区最大的肉食、生鲜、杂货批发企业之一

      • 纽约市十大杰出少数族裔经营企业之一


      • 肉食批发

      • 海鲜批发

      • 肉食深加工

      • 豆类产品批发

      • 非食品类产品批发

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